The event will take place at the University of Liège, in the A4 building (Plan)

The address is :

University of Liège
Place du 20-Août, 7
B-4000 Liège (Belgique)

How to get to Liège? (Liège, in French – Luik, in Dutch)


The main airports in Belgium are Brussels and Charleroi. Maastricht-Aachen airport is also a possibility, mainly for flights from Spain.

Brussels Airport (Brussels Airport)

First airport in Belgium. It is located about 100 km from Liege.
A shuttle bus is available at the airport to the main stations of the capital: North, Central and South. The journey takes approximately 10 minutes.
From Brussels to Liege: many trains are available every hour to Liege. The journey takes about 1 hour.

Charleroi Airport (Brussels South-Charleroi Airport)

Located about 60 km from Brussels and 90 km from Liège. Includes most of the “Low Cost” companies, including Ryanair.
Every half hour, departure of a bus to Charleroi station (Charleroi Sud). From there, trains to Liege are available every hour. The journey takes about 1h15 (1h30 on weekends).

Maastricht-Aachen Airport (Maastricht-Aachen Airport)

Possible connections from Spain (Alicante, Barcelona, Malaga and Tenerife).
A bus line (59) to Maastricht is accessible from the airport. From there, the train journey to Liege takes about 30 minutes.


The international station of Liège-Guillemins is one of the main railway nodes in the region, connecting France, Belgium and Germany in particular through the TGV high-speed train network: Thalys and ICE


Near the Guillemins station there is a taxi terminal and a bus station, both of which make it easy to reach the centre.
Once in the city centre, it is advisable to make most of your trips on foot. All recommended hotels are located less than 20 minutes walk from the Place du Vingt-Août where the DHBenelux will take place.

Map of the bus lines in the centre of Liege

In Liège


Terre Mère
Soups, sandwiches and organic salads, made with vegetables, flowers and local and seasonal cheeses. Homemade fruit juices and smoothies.
Rue de la Régence, 21 – 4000 Liège

Le Vin sur vin
Famous for its wines and its Liège-style balls. One of the oldest buildings in the Market Square.
Place du Marché, 9 – 4000 Liège

La main à la pâte
A restaurant that offers a wide variety of Italian specialities: pasta, pizza, meat. Democratic prices.
Rue Saint-Paul, 23 – 4000 Liège

Indian Taste
Nice Indian restaurant.
Rue Charles Magnette, 25 – 4000 Liège


Le Delft
Located just opposite the University, this bar has been the meeting place for students and professors of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters for the past fifty years. Intellectual and bohemian atmosphere.
Place Cockerill, 22 – 4000 Liège

Le Pot-au-Lait
A mythical bar in the centre, with psychedelic decoration, which offers a wide range of special beers.
Rue Soeurs de Hasque, 9 – 4000 Liège

The Market Square
One of the main squares of Liege, with many bars.


Official website of the city of Liège
Saint-Barthélémy church
Saint Paul’s Cathedral
Saint-Lambert Square and the Palace of the Prince Bishops
The Market Square and the Perron
The Archaeoforum
The Grand Curtius Museum
The Aquarium and the Zoology Museum
The Guillemins station, designed by Santiago Calatrava

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